What is not covered?

This policy does not cover loss, consequential loss or liability arising from any of the following:


  1. Any pre-existing medical condition, congenital or heredity condition, suicide, intentional self-inflected, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, cosmetic surgery, dental care (unless due to accidents), mental or nervous disorder, AIDS or AIDS related complex.
  2. War, civil war, insurrection, revolution.
  3. Performing duties as a member of armed forces or other law enforcing agencies.
  4. Participation in any professional sports where the insured person could or would earn income or remuneration from engaging in it, except as arranged by the overseas studying institution.
  5. Riding in any aircraft except as a fare-paying passenger or engaging in labor work.
  6. Prohibition or regulation by any government or customs detention.
  7. Illegal act by the insured person.
  8. Actions of insured person while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent of legal impairment.
  9. Health check-ups or any investigation(s) not directly related to admission, diagnosis, sickness or injury, or any treatment or investigation which is not medically necessary.
  10. The insured person is employed as or performs the duties of a hazardous occupation, including but not limited to aircrew, fisherman, armed occupation (including temporarily armed occupation), jockey, fire fighter, railway installation and maintenance worker, construction worker, container terminal crane operator, etc.
  11.  Any losses or expenses with respects to Cuba. Note:
    Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited is a subsidiary/branch of a US company and Chubb Limited, a NYSE listed company. Consequently, Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited is subject to certain US laws and regulations in addition to EU, UN and Hong Kong sanctions restrictions which may prohibit it from providing cover or paying claims to certain individuals or entities or insuring certain types of activities related to certain countries such as Cuba.